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Why Your Home Needs Gutters

Are you are a new homeowner? You want your house to last by having proper home care and roof maintenance. Part of this calls for checking your gutters.

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, your home could be susceptible to water leaking. If it already has happened to you, reach out to our roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA to install, repair, or clean your gutters.

Gutters collect rainwater from the roof and channel it to a downspout, diverting water away from the home. It sounds simple enough, but this function is essential to the integrity of your home and the safety of residents in it.

Here, we explain why you should invest in gutters for the safety of your home:

Protect Against Soil Erosion

Without gutters, you run the risk of pooling, puddles, or rivers of runoff that erode the soil surrounding your home. Eroding soil runs the risk of damage to your house’s foundation. It leads to the possibility of water seeping into doorways or basements, causing water damage. 

The price for basement flooding may cost up to $4,000 to remove the water. It would be a wiser investment to purchase gutters and roof repair in Atlanta instead of paying to have the water removed. 

Roofing Atlanta, GA contractors can help redirect water away from your house to protect against soil erosion.

Protect Garden Beds

Having flowers and a garden can brighten up and bring color to your home. Roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia provide gutters to protect garden beds near your property. 

If you have flowers or shrubbery growing next to your house, the soil erosion from the lack of gutters could tear away all of your garden’s soil. Water that does not wash away the soil could puddle up under flowers. This puddling will limit the number of air pockets the roots would need, causing your plants to drown. 

Call an Atlanta, GA roofing company to have gutters installed and save your beautiful flower garden.

Protect Against Excess Water

When installed correctly, Atlanta, Georgia roofing should include gutters to eliminate excess water seeping through your house and causing mold.

Excess moisture could lead to mold. Mold spores can travel through the air and lead to respiratory health issues. The health issues could last for extended periods and worsen, especially if the mold grows in places that are hard to detect with the naked eye.

Any mildewed carpet or furniture needs immediate removal. You will notice if mold is present because it will create a musty smell in your house.

To prevent mold, make sure your gutters are clean and flowing.

Protect Your Roof and Siding

Rain that stays on your roof can create rot, which can let the water trickle into your home. It will slowly deteriorate your roof, leaving your home vulnerable to severe storms. 

You may pay a heavy price to have the roof repaired. Not only will your roof rot if you do not reach out to roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA, but the side of your house could also see damage. 

Especially if you have wood siding on your home, water rot can create unflattering holes that can lower the value of your home. If there is constant rainwater weathering away the side of your house, it could damage the structural integrity of the house.

Fixing the structure would be a pricey repair, but you can avoid it with simple gutter maintenance. 

Protect your Neighbor’s Yard

Rainwater not only can affect your home but your neighbor’s, too. Your neighbor’s land could suffer from runoff water that would create ditches and pools of flooding. The grass in your neighbor’s yard, their flowers, their shrubbery, and their vegetation also runs the risk of dying. 

Poorly maintained gutters and flooding can lead to unnecessary conflict within your neighborhood. By working with an Atlanta, Georgia roofing company to install gutters, you could eliminate this issue.

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