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Tips on Navigating a Roof Insurance Claim

Georgia is in a prime location, where you get the best of nature and some of the worst tropical storms and hurricanes. Even at their weakest, these natural disasters can create thousands of dollars of damage to Atlanta, GA roofing.

When disaster strikes, you want to file an insurance claim. But insurance claims can be confusing to navigate. 

Below, we walk you through the process of filing a claim for your Atlanta, GA roofing. Use these tips to help make the process simpler and easier next time you experience roofing damage.

Assessment of Damage

This first step involves observing the property to look for signs of damage, including lost shingles, holes, and more. The types of damage covered, like storm damage, partial damage, and more, will depend on the type of policy you have.

Even minor damages can cost a fortune to repair. This is why it is crucial to assess all evident damage and file a claim to see what you can get covered by insurance.

Find the Right Contractor

An experienced roof repair Atlanta company can help you save money. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to find the right contractor. 

As you look through the pool of roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia, look for one that:

  • Can give you references for past work on insurance claims
  • Will agree to a set cost in writing before starting the job
  • Can complete the job for close to the cost of the deductible

As you sort through the many roofing contractors Atlanta, GA has to offer, remember that prior experience dealing with insurance claims is a significant plus. It can mean a simpler, hassle-free experience guided by someone who knows how the process works.

Some roofing companies in Atlanta also may handle your insurance claim for you. Call to see if we can do this for you and help you skip the hassle.

Get Your Coverage Estimate

Once you have assessed the damage and selected your contractor for the job, it’s time to reach out to your insurance company. 

The key point-person from the company that you will be meeting with is the insurance adjuster. This person will view the damages and give you an estimate for coverage.

First, you’ll schedule a time for the adjuster to visit the property. Then, you’ll call the repair company to coordinate their meeting with the adjuster. It’s essential to have already picked out your roofing Atlanta contractor so that they can be at the property to speak with the adjuster.

This prep work speeds up the process by cutting down communication between you, the adjuster, and the roofing Atlanta, GA contractor. It also means that your contractor can advocate for the actual cost of the job so that the insurance company does not aim too low with the estimate. Negotiation is key to achieving an offer better than their initial estimate.

Finalize Agreements and Start Work

After you get your estimate, you can create your final plans for repairs. You can make decisions based on what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t. 

Some things you had initially discussed with your contractor may not qualify for coverage, so this is the time to make all of those adjustments.

Be sure to have your decision and agreements with your contractor in writing and ideally in a formal signed and dated contract. Once you’ve signed the contract and the insurance company has approved coverage, you are free to begin work. 

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