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(678) 766-9646 Monday - Saturday 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. Suwanee, GA 30024

Roof Wind Damage in Atlanta, GA: How it Happens and How to Deal with It

You might think that wind damage only occurs in severe weather conditions, like tornados or intense storms. But, less extreme weather can still result in wind damage to your Atlanta property.

Roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia, will tell you that the wind is mighty and can even lift sections of roofing completely away. However, it’s not always as extreme as this. Sometimes you might not even be able to spot wind damage because it can occur beneath the shingles and only becomes apparent when it’s too late. You may end up needing roof repair in Atlanta if you’re not quick to spot the warning signs. 

If you need help dealing with wind damage, start by learning more about it from our roofing Atlanta, GA, company today.

How Can Wind Damage Your Property? 

Wind damage most often affects the roof of your house. This can be damage that builds up over time or a one-time incident that causes major damage. Here are some of the ways your roofing may be affected by wind based on the experience of roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia: 

  • Debris Build-Up: High winds can move major outdoor objects through the air, which may put your roofing at risk. When an object such as a heavy branch collides with your property, the roof can be badly damaged. 
  • Shingle Destruction: The shingles around the edge of your roofing are constantly exposed to the wind, so may gradually become weaker over time as the wind wears them down. In some cases, leaks and water damage occur. 
  • Loosening and Lifting: Strong winds can loosen the nails in your roofing, allowing more wind to blow between the gaps created and could even lift a small section of the roof away. 
  • Poor Decking: Some patches of your roof may be more vulnerable to wind damage because previous high winds have already weakened the decking and shingles. These patches are particularly vulnerable in storms, so they should be addressed immediately. 

How to Detect Damage from High Winds 

If your roof has been affected by the wind, there are a few telltale signs you should be looking out for. Here’s how to detect damage from high winds from our Atlanta, GA roofing team: 

  • Leaks into your property.
  • Breezes that leak into your home from the roof.
  • Missing or uplifted shingles. You might also spot shingles that seem bent or are curling backward where they have lost their adhesion.
  • Cracks, tears, and splits to the roof shingles.
  • Clogged gutters and/or vents may suggest that debris has fallen onto your roof and is thus blocking these systems.

How Severe is Wind Damage?

Damage caused by the wind ranges in severity. Without proper upkeep and maintenance from roof repair Atlanta companies, wind damage can lead to: 

  • Leaks in the roof where sections have become loose and enabled water access.
  • Roofing that’s more vulnerable to severe weather conditions.
  • Sections of roof lifting away.
  • Portions of the roof collapsing.

The best way to lessen the risk of these issues arising is to act before it’s too late. Schedule a roof inspection with roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA, today to ensure your home is protected from wind damage.

Can You Prevent Wind Damage? 

While heavy storms and extreme weather conditions are unpredictable, there are certain things you can do to help protect your roof from costly wind damage

Here we list some key points to remember when it comes to keeping your roof in the best condition possible: 

  • Regularly check your roofing in Atlanta from the outside. Look for loose shingles, rust, and any objects or debris that have blown onto your roof. If possible, deal with this yourself. However, if you’re ever unsure, contact roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA.
  • Check the roof from the inside, inspecting the sheathing. Contact an Atlanta, GA roofing service if you suspect there may be any damage to the structure or security of your roof.
  • Remove large trees from around your property. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, consider having any risk factors removed, such as large trees or branches that may fall onto your roof during a storm. Trees that are particularly near your house can also scrape against shingles even in moderate wind, which may cause them to loosen over time.
  • Check your roof installations. Anything that’s mounted near or on your roof has the potential to cause secondary damage to the roofing if not maintained properly. Have the condition and security of HVAC systems, guttering, and vents checked.

Need Help with Wind Damage? 

As roof damage from wind can be hard to spot, it’s best to have regular inspections from roofing companies in Atlanta to ensure your roofing is in top condition.

If your property has been subject to high winds and your roof has suffered damage, get in touch with us today. Our roof repair Atlanta team is ready to step in and prevent even worse wind damage from building up on your property. We offer professional and efficient services that prevent wind damage and restore roofing. 

Call our roofing Atlanta, GA company today for the reliable roofing services you need!